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Tube Filling Machine

PROPACK Technologies is one of the pioneer Tube Filling Machine Manufacturers from India. Our products are well-known in the market with the brand name and having outstanding quality. We are even engrossed in manufacturing outstanding quality of Automatic Tube Filling Machine, Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine and Low Speed Tube Filler Machines with the support of top-notch quality by improving with the newest technology. Our offered machines are widely utilized to pack a huge range of products such as toothpaste, ointments, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other day to day products. Therefore, the machines find an enormous demand in manufacturing industries.

Details of Tube Filling Machine

We at, PROPACK Technologies, meet this demand with an assortment of high quality of packaging and filling machines. We are offering a brand new quality of Tube Filling Machine that is exclusively designed for Aluminum as well as Lami and Plastic tubes. The working of the machine can perform filling, sealing crimping, batch coding ejecting all in one stroke. Various types of products that can be filled with the help of these machines as cream, gel, ointment, shampoo, tooth paste, and food products such as adhesives, grease, sauce and others. Mainly, our products are having different characteristics of flow and viscosity is packed by tube filling machine.

Our machines are strictly according to GMP norms and have a compatible design, which is perfect for sealing and filling lami as well as aluminum tubes. Further for aluminum crimping a separate attachment is required. The control parts of the machine are made out of intelligent man-computer interface, extensive touch screen show / operation control board, including temperature setting, engine speed, filling speed, coordinate screen show and screen control. The segments of the machine which touches the filling material are made of stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L. Straightforward cover, encouraging hose, nourishing gadget are additionally provided with the machine.

The machine is included with wellbeing switch, auto-stop, delicate tube situating, photoelectric fixing control and so on. Amid the procedure, hose-nourishing and setting, filling and fixing, launching are largely naturally controlled. Advanced tally gadgets are introduced at the low front piece of the machine. Amid filling process the filling head is put inside the material pot to maintain a strategic distance from air-entrance. For high thickness filling material, pass over gadget which is introduced to guarantee an entire fixing. Numerous decisions of fixing sort are accessible to address distinctive issue of customers.


Working Principle of Our Tube Filling Machine

We are offering the excellent quality of Tube filling machines to our customers as per the specification and requirements. Our offered tube filling machine is also one of the packaging machinery, which pack all kinds of materials such as liquid, gas, paste and powder etc. As indicated by the diverse filling material, filling machines can be isolated into liquid filling machines, gas filling machines, glue filling machines and powder filling machine. As per the degree of automation, it can be separated into automatic filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling machine. With the growing of high domestic labor, increasingly consideration will be paid to the fully automation of automatic filling equipments.

Our offered tube filling machine comprises of the edge, tube storage box, tube conveyor, pneumatic filling pump, programmed cover course of action and top on gadget, auto top squeezing gadgets, water driven system and control system. Regularly it convey the tube in on a level plane, single head fill the tube synchronously, irregular move working mode. Its principle capacities are programmed the tube conveyance, programmed quantitative synchronous filling, naturally breaking wires subsequent to filling, consequently cover masterminding and top on gadget, consequently pneumatic top squeezing, consequently location and programmed code printing machine.

Our Range Includes:
    • Automatic Tube Filling Machine
    • Ointment Filling Machine
    • Liquid Filling Machine
    • Tablet Coating System
    • Sterile Mixer
    • Packaging Plant
    • Sterile Plant
    • Automatic Bottling Plant
    • Cream Processing Plant
    • Bottle Cleaning Equipments
    • IPC Bunker Machine
    • Oral Plant
    • Syrup Plant


Some of the Distinguish Attributes of Our Range:
    • Good Competence to handle a large range of tube sizes
    • Full Automatic cap tightening
    • Adjustable filling pump and several optional attachments
    • Having automatic tube in food
    • Simultaneous accessibility of many tube holders in case of manual infeed.
    • Utmost precision
    • Anti corrosive
    • High tensile strength
    • Sturdy construction
    • Easy installation
Industries We Serve

We are manufacturing the machines using a qualitative raw material and are accessible at the most affordable prices. Our assortment is highly durable and particularly targets the companies engrossed in manufacturing diverse pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. All our tube filling and sealing machines are capable to handle:

    • Acids and Corrosive
    • Beverage and Juice
    • Candles, Lip Balms and Molten
    • Distilled Spirits and Wine
    • Foods and Sauces
    • Industrial and Agricultural Chemicals
    • Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies
    • Paints, Stains, and Sealants
    • Personal Care, Health and Beauty
    • Petroleum and Automotive
    • Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical
    • Water Bottle Filling Equipments